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About Zenith

Post by Leaf on Thu Nov 10, 2011 10:00 am

Welcome to our Guild Forum!

,,Above all Imagination" -

Starting with this moto, we want to show we are not a guild which simply wants to talk and grind.

Yes, we promise you this guild will become one of the greatest guilds in Europe Maple Story history with the most excellent and trustable members all over EMS!

Join boss runs, various events, party quests, have fun together and help each other - and let's become one family!

We are a guild, well known for its friendliness and family love to each other. Anything which is in the interest of the guild, is in the interest of every single one of us; we share all funny stories as well as the sad ones, and we care about each other in a way a family does as well.
Helping out each other is no question for us, as well as grinding together often and doing guild activities altogether.
After some time, we did set a Guild room in Channel 5 Free Market 1 where we always can find someone to laugh together with, to talk to and afk. It's like a home for us (so feel free to visit us anytime Maple0016 ). When we spontaneously plan boss runs, we do it there as well.

At the moment, our family offers all kind of boss runs, we are not afraid of tackling all of them!

Wanna join us? Then check out what we require from you and also the application form Maple0009

Any questions? Then PM me or a Jr Master.

Thank you for your interest.

Miss Zenith

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