SnippTheMan's Application

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SnippTheMan's Application

Post by SnippTheMan on Wed Aug 01, 2012 10:19 am

My main character in Maple Story is SnippTheMan, that charecter is just level 64, I was a gonna try join a guild with Xpose with that. (who is now hacked), and they gave me a trial but as said the char got hacked.

The reason that I want to join the Zenith is because I have heard alot of posetive replys about this guild. So I feel I can trust you anyhow. Difference to other guilds I tried.

My real name is Marius Aasen Pettersen and is 17 years old turn 18 on 12 november.

I am a gamer and play as much as I can and have time, but my prioteter also as an example when I run to take driving license.
I also run parties around with friends and hang out with them too, but mostly I play, right now I have plenty of time to play much because it's summer but after I start work as being not as much activity because I have to pack road said.
I have played Maple Story since I was 12 years old.

I play MapleStory as often as I can possibly play it.

I hate hackers, because I have been hacked and know what it feels like I mean the hacker should find something else to do. I have not been scamming before, but i belive it is pointless to do it because there are people who are not good enough to play this game. I hate to be KSed, I've never done it, but simply defended myself as best I can when people have tryed to ks me. I think KS is pointless to do it only shows how little respect they have for other players in the game.

I can contribute to try as best as I can to help people in the guild, but im not so much funded since ive lost much Godly equipment when I was hacked.

My goal now is to get high lvl Demo Slayer and a Godly one right now.

I agree to the rules you have and will follow them.


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Re: SnippTheMan's Application

Post by Aegyo on Wed Aug 01, 2012 2:36 pm

Hello Marius, welcome to our forum.

I got a few question for you:

In what previous guild you were in? Who else do you know from the guid? How do you earn/make your mesos and where are you from? I appreciate if you could answer these question, that i gave you. Smile

Also get to know us better first, visit our guild fm Ch5Fm1 and goodluck on your application!.

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Re: SnippTheMan's Application

Post by Leaf on Wed Aug 01, 2012 5:22 pm

Ah one thing to this application:
This is Vegard's irl friend and he asked me individually whether he could join the same guild as Vegard. From what I heard Vegard would even trust him with his equipments, so I actually already approved yesterday. I'm going to lock the thread now, invite him to Jr Guild please Smile
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Re: SnippTheMan's Application

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