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Forum Ranking [Mapler]

Post by Leaf on Thu Nov 08, 2012 10:19 am

Dear forumers,

Once you register for our forum, please PM me your In-Game Name to check, whether you are the person you are telling to be and to rank you up to the Mapler Rank (This rank lets you access the more "private" threads in our forum).
It might take 1-4 days to rank you up, but for those who are interested in joining the guild and came here to write an application, feel free to open a thread with your own application in the section Guild Application; this can be done even before being ranked up.

This system was made to keep the forum and our precious forumers safe from auto registration systems, hackers, information drainers etc.

Enjoy your stay and happy mapling,



hate you guys hahahahahaha
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